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Dr. Glenn Byrenheid








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FSU Jena

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Research activity 

 Working group:
 Forschungsgruppe "Funktionenräume"
   Research interests: 

function spaces with mixed smoothness, (high dimensional) approximation theory


 "Sparse representation of multivariate functions based on discrete point evaluations"
(supervised by Prof. Dr. Tino Ullrich at University of Bonn), 2018.
    Publications:  "Monte Carlo methods for uniform approximation on periodic Sobolev spaces with mixed smoothness",
G. Byrenheid, V. K. Nguyen, and R. J. Kunsch. J. Complexity 46, 90-102, 2018.

"Tight error bounds for rank-1 lattice sampling in spaces of hybrid mixed smoothness",
G. Byrenheid, L. Kämmerer, T. Ullrich, and T. Volkmer. Num. Math., 136:993-1034, 2017.
    "Optimal sampling recovery of mixed order Sobolev embeddings via discrete Littlewood-Paley type characterizations",
G. Byrenheid, T. Ullrich. Anal. Math., 43(2):133-191. 2017.
    "Sampling on energy-norm based sparse grids for the optimal recovery of Sobolev type functions in {H}^{\gamma }",
G. Byrenheid, D. Dung, W. Sickel, and T. Ullrich. J. Approx. Theory, 207:207-231, 2016.


 VL Metrische Entropie, s-Zahlen und Nichtlineare Approximation
   Sommersemester 2021
 Übung Höhere Analysis 1
 (Prof. Haroske)  Sommersemester 2021
 VL Wavelets
   Wintersemester 2020/2021
 SEM Orthogonale Polynome
   Wintersemester 2020/2021
VL Gew. Differentialgleichungen
 Sommersemester 2020
ÜB Höhere Analysis 2  (Prof. Haroske)
 Wintersemester 2019/2020
SEM Analysis Fourierreihen

 Wintersesemster 2019/2020
ÜB Analysis 2
(Prof. Hasler)
Sommersemester 2019
ÜB Analysis 1
(Prof. Hasler)
Wintersemester 2018/2019